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 This one needs some conversation as there can be many variables to consider, ie. number of people to be drawn, duration of our stay, location, etc.


With our Live Event Drawings we also offer a Custom Page Design to be created for your event. This can have the event name, company logos, dates, etc pre-printed on the bottom of each page as a reminder of the gift.


Studio Work





 We do have a couple Wedding Packages based on some common timelines;

A.  Drawing after dinner - usually 8pm til 12am (4hrs)

B.   Drawing before meal/ break for dinner/ startup drawing after meal - (5 1/2 hrs)


** LIVE CARICATURES consist of Black and White "face studies" drawn on an 11x14 inch card stock and placed into a clear protective sleeve when completed.

Artwork a la Carte

- Based on an hourly rate.

- pricing will depend on details of project

- please contact us for details

16 x 20 Framed

- 11x14 Custom Artwork

- frame, glass, backer

- mat board (white or black)

- engraved plaque (silver or gold)

- even markers for signatures

20 x 24 Framed

- same elements as the 16x20, But with a larger surrounding matboard and frame

Live Event Drawing